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Aboriginal Health

Improving the health of Aboriginal Western Australians is a critical concern.

We support the authentic participation of Aboriginal people and organisations in all levels of decision-making affecting their health needs, to help achieve Aboriginal health equity. 

Our Priorities

  • Increasing access to culturally appropriate primary healthcare.
  • Increasing patient literacy so Aboriginal people are empowered to participate more fully in their healthcare journey and take control of their health.
  • Improving system integration to ensure better experiences for Aboriginal people accessing multiple parts of the health and social care system.

Key Activities

Integrated Team Care: A program working across multidisciplinary care models to support Aboriginal people to access well-coordinated, culturally appropriate mainstream primary care and supplementary services.

Integrated Team Care Country to City, Improving Patient Transitions: A project responding to feedback relating to the challenges faced by Aboriginal people off Country and staying in metropolitan areas for health treatment. Key to this was work we undertook in partnership with Moorditj Koort Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre to trial a service model to address these challenges.

Key Achievements

  • Supported 4,042 Aboriginal people with complex chronic conditions to access 67,833 unique services, including care coordination and access to supplementary and clinical services, through the Integrated Team Care program.
  • Enabled 32 Integrated Team Care coordination staff to upskill in self-management techniques to reduce potentially preventable hospitalisations through the Flinders My Health Story program.
  • Increased confidence among 95 per cent of Country to City Program clients to make an informed decision about their health and medical care as a result of support received from care coordinators.
  • Provided 313 general practices and 12 Integrated Team Care providers with resources and guidance, including a dedicated fact sheet, to support Aboriginal patients during COVID-19. This means one resource is available to all ITC clients, regardless of their location in WA, which is a significant achievement.

Case Study

Our Priorities

Read about this year’s achievements and the great work being done with our key partners and the community to deliver better health, together.

Aboriginal Health

Improving the health of Aboriginal Western Australians is a critical concern.

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