Wellbeing of older Australians a priority in aged care

Nearly a quarter of a million older people live permanently in residential aged care facilities in Australia. This presents many challenges, not least being the potential impact on their mental health, particularly when a person first moves into their new home

Much needed psychological treatment services, provided as part of the Psychological Therapy in Residential Aged Care Facilities Initiative, are providing practical, effective and confidential support to help residents cope with this transition and ongoing issues.

The aim is to give residents access to similar services as those currently available in the community, with treatment provided by registered and clinical psychologists onsite.

The psychologists work alongside the client, as well as their health care team to advocate for their needs and focus on their wellbeing.

A collaborative, warm, friendly and engaging therapeutic approach encourages residents to set their own goals for therapy, and work with the psychologist to meet them.

“After discussions with our client and her daughter, both felt that she was managing well and would be well equipped to cope with future challenges using the strategies she has learned, along with having the support of her family.” - Psychologist, Clear Health Psychology