About Us

Our Vision

Better health, together

Our Mission

To shape, strengthen and sustain primary health care through partnerships and strategies that improve people’s access and health outcomes.

Our Values

Courage: We are willing to be bold and challenge the status quo
Humility: We have the curiosity and the hunger to learn
Respect: We treat all people with dignity and value the collective power of teamwork
Wisdom: We make decisions in the best interests of our communities
Integrity: We do what we say we will do

WA Primary Health Alliance’s state-wide structure and strong partnerships give us the opportunity to shape a health system that is fit for the future.

Our role is to simplify and increase access to primary health care by planning, guiding and directing investment towards community-based treatment and support services.

Our investment sits alongside that of state and federal agencies, and our strong partnerships and ability to look system-wide at issues of equity and access mean we can help shape, strengthen and sustain a health system for the future.

Annually, we invest $86 million into mental health services and $40 million into a combination of other programs designed to address health priorities.

We invest more than $5 million a year to support GPs, including individual support, digital integration and enhanced practice support programs.

Our Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2020-2023, Better Health, Together recognises our progress as on organisation since our founding in 2015 and acknowledges our role within WA’s health landscape going forward.  

‍Itbuilds upon our belief that the primary health care system will be stronger ifwe can foster more collaboration and establishes an ongoing commitment toworking with communities, primary health care providers and partners across thehealth system in WA.

Our Strategic Priorities


Empower people and communities

We will engage and advocate for people and communities across WA to help them be active participants in their own health and wellbeing, improving health literacy, investing in early intervention activities, and advocating for participation in public health initiatives.


Commission services in a planned and targeted way

We will think strategically to commission services in a way that ensures primary health care is accessible to all Western Australians. In doing so, we will prioritise our funding towards services that address the barriers to access and gaps in primary health care, and target resources to support the most vulnerable populations. We are committed to continuously improving our commissioned services to ensure they deliver the greatest impact, measured against the Quadruple Aim.


Promote and prioritise an integrated health system

We will scale up initiatives that focus on better connecting the primary health care system and greater integration with WA’s hospitals and other mutually dependent funded services. In supporting the transformation of the health system, we will adopt an approach to design and commission services that removes duplication, fosters connection and strives for seamless patient care.


Continuously improve primary health care practice

We will bring a more structured and data driven approach to quality improvement and share insights to support continuous improvement across the primary health care system. We will advocate for quality and value-based primary health care that continually adapts to meet the health care needs of Western Australians, keeps people healthy, prevents disease and reduces demand for hospital services.

Our plan for a successful implementation

We will develop pillar strategies which will identify the priorities for WAPHA’s commissioned services and the specific outcomes those services are seeking to achieve.

We will develop a roadmap that will guide and prioritise how, where and when we invest in building WAPHA’s internal capabilities, for example in the areas of analytics and evaluation.

We will continue to run our Better Health, Together stakeholder forums to genuinely connect with our community and ensure we are delivering against our strategic priorities.

Stakeholder Engagement

We listen to local communities to understand who they are, their unique health needs, and how their world is changing.

We work closely with 
nine key member organisations, each with significant operations in WA and similar interests in ensuring primary care and the broader health care system is fit for the future.

We also have strong relationships with the Australian Medical Association (WA), Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (WA), WA General Practice Education and Training, Health Service Providers, Rural Health West, WA Local Government Association and many others.

Key achievements

  • Recruited diverse volunteers for our Online Stakeholder Panel, strengthening our stakeholders’ voice in our decision making and advocacy, enabling them to influence our activities beyond traditional offline engagement.
  • Cemented our ongoing investment in My Community Directory to connect people with health services across WA. Together we have provided more than 240,000 Western Australians, with access to key information about health, social and community services.
  • Partnered with My Community Directory to connect people across WA with the services they need through the development of a bespoke online resource.
  • Improved primary care access and health outcomes through encouraging clinical and community advice to inform our strategic and operational planning. This was achieved through eight Metropolitan Council and three Country Clinical Council meetings, supplemented by 42 meetings throughout our seven country regions.
  • Strengthened our governance structure and clarified our purpose by working with committee members and the Board to revise our Charter for Clinical and Community Council and Committees and encourage membership that reflects our organisational priorities.
  • Streamlined the PHN Councils and Committees recruitment process during COVID-19, through implementing an easy online nomination and registration process.